Start viewing your AP/AR processes as a service instead of handcuffs!

T.A.A.S (Transactions As A Service)

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What is TAAS (transactions as a service)?

  •  TAAS is the idea that software aimed at processing business transactions should be viewed, and therefor billed in line with service-based organizations.

  • We feel that the costs of software should have the ability to be broken up and organized depending on the specific needs of a company or industry. 

  • We allow the software to fit to the organization’s needs rather than forcing the organization adapt to fit the software.

  • NetChain Squared utilizes software to process transactions from A to Z by soley charging in line with those transactions, therefore, aligning clients with their specific business needs. 

  • Whether you are maintaining a consistent baseline of performance throughout the year or dealing with ever changing fluctuations in your market, NetChain Squared works with you to provide what you need when you need it.